Delpozo | Dubai Flagship

Delpozo Opens Third Global Flagship in Dubai

Following a recent expansion of The Dubai Mall, Delpozo opened a 16,000 sq. foot boutique on the mall’s massive indoor campus. This is Delpozo’s first flagship in the Middle East, following the success of its stores in London and Madrid. The boutique was designed by chief creative officer, Josep Font, whose architectural training has informed Delpozo’s brand since Font took over in 2012.

Font employed a minimalist style for the Dubai store, incorporating clean lines and streamlined decor. Cream-colored walls are accented by elegant brass racks and glass shelving, each muted by a rustic hardwood floor. The back marble back wall at the entrance is Japanese which the glass in the cabinets were custom and have small air bubbles inside. Font personally hand selected the vintage furniture, inspired by the decade of 60’s to 80’s and the store included lamps from Italian designer Tommaso Barbi.

The monochromatic design seems to have been executed with Delpozo’s Pret-a-Couture line in mind,  its vibrant pastels accentuated by the boutique’s austere design. Behind a series of curtains stylized with sparse aspens, the Pret-a-Couture pieces become rare flowers hidden in a wood.

The prismatic essence of Pret-a-Couture is reflected in the boutique’s focal point: a rich canary yellow sofa of mid-century design.

Josep Font, Delpozo creative director