Denim Spring 2021 Fashion Trend

It’s a challenge to name another fabric that’s as universally worn and adored as denim. Jeans started as a trademark of American Cowboys and the Wild West and began to gain popularity in the ’60s. They are now a versatile garment many cannot go without. Genuine denim is unique because it can change and fade as it ages; in doing so, it reflects people’s lives. With such broad appeal, it makes sense for denim to be at the forefront of the Spring 2021 fashion scene, but is sustainability leading the denim trend?

It’s noteworthy that on this season’s runway, Celine, Balenciaga, Kenzo, and Valentino are all selling 100% cotton denim. Xuly Bet, who is well known for its ability to take recycled clothing and create high fashion, uses 100% and recycled cotton in their work and has been a long time supporter of sustainability in the fashion industry. Alongside them stands Mara Hoffman and Greg Lauren, whom are both noteworthy for their innovative sustainability initiatives. Greg Lauren also brings home denim patchwork. Labels this season also paired their cotton poet blouses with cotton denim. The possibilities of denim are boundless, but this era gives the fabric an added environmental edge.

Alberta Ferretti