Diane Von Furstenberg Birthday Wishes Film with Alyssa Edwards

Diane Von Fürstenberg

Alyssa Edwards, Reese Witherspoon & Priyanka Chopra Celebrate DVF‘s Birthday

Diane Von Fürstenberg celebrates her 73rd birthday and the new year with a subversive celebration of self.

Born on New Year’s Eve 1946 in Belgium, the designer was carved into the annals of fashion history with the introduction of her iconic wrap dress in the ’70s, which quickly exploded in popularity and gained status as a symbol in the burgeoning feminist movement. Since then, DVF has done much to honor that legacy while continuing to move forward: she has started new businesses, committed herself to philanthropy, relaunched her wrap dress for a new generation, and recently pledged to stop the use of fur in her brands.

To celebrate her birthday, DVF released a playful video showcasing a day in her life – in which she does not actually appear except in stills. Instead, her role is filled by Alyssa Edwards, a drag performer, and fan-favorite on RuPaul’s Drag Race. With an immense wig and a lilting spoof on DVF’s accent, Edwards receives birthday wishes from such high-profile fans as Reese Witherspoon, Edward Enninful, Katy Perry, Karlie Kloss and Kris Jenner to name a few while avoiding board meetings and reflecting on the DVF legacy.

With all the caricatured silliness and self-congratulation of the video, there is an interesting question of identity running underneath, an ironic meditation on self and aspiration. Putting a twist on DVF’s catchphrase “be the woman you always wanted to be,” her admirers say things like, “you are the woman I always wanted to be,” and, “I want to be you when I grow up.” These phrases point to the danger of celebrity, to the obsession with and impossibility of becoming the person you idolize. Here, spoken to a ridiculous caricature of that very person, they become ironically subverted and take on an opposite message: that to have an impact and a legacy you must be an individual, you must be only yourself. That is how Diane Von Fürstenberg did it, and that is how everyone must do it.

This birthday party is a smashing success. In playfully but subtly exploring questions of identity and legacy, DVF looks forward to another great year.

DVF Creative Director | Diane Von Furstenberg
Talents | Alyssa Edwards, Reese Witherspoon, Edward Enninful, Katy Perry, Karlie Kloss, Kris Jenner, Luisella Meloni, Sabrina Shahnazarian, Derek Blasberg, Liam McKessar, and Priyanka Chopra
Location | DVF Design Studios NYC