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Diesel Opens Deisel, an Authentic Knock-Off Store on Canal Street

Amidst this time of designer logo-obsession, DIESEL is rebelling and created a new by opening an authentic knock-off store on Canal Street. During this hectic time of NY Fashion Week, DIESEL took to creativity in boldly establishing DEISEL, where one-of-a kind designer pieces were secretively sold in the heart of NYC’s most famous knock-off destination. The store recently re-opened and customers can purchase the authentic limited-edition goods, while supplies last.

Unsuspecting shoppers were filmed in a hilarious film, as they browse through piles of DEISEL clothing with little suspicion that the assumed knock-offs were really one-of-a kind pieces specially designed by Diesel. The video honors the uniqueness of shoppers brave enough to stray from designer conformity and take to assumed knock-off brands to find their own personal style. Through this play-on-wording knock-off store, the brand inspires customers to embrace the wearing of their own preferred styles, as the ultimate form of expression stems from one’s confidence and individuality.

If you have yet to take part in this deal, you might still have the chance to snag your one-of-a kind DEISEL piece from the DEISEL store on 419 Broadway, at the corner of Canal Street. But hurry—as pieces are going fast! Pieces can also be found online resold by shoppers or on Diesel.com from February 13.

Deisel’s…I mean Diesels idea to open an authentic knock-off store is bold, brilliant and hysterical as it utterly pokes fun at the ridiculous amount of weight put on this superficial, superfluous logomania trend.