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Diesel’s New Video for Jogg Jeans

By Danielle D’Onofrio | Impressionist

Diesel, the brand known for their luxury jeans and sexy ad campaigns, has infused color and fun into their latest video to introduce to the world to the “new jean.” This playful video flashes bold typography maintaining the Diesel edge with tantalizing words like grab, kiss, bend and undress.

Back in 2014 Diesel decided to “reboot”, under the direction of Chief Executive Alessandro Bogliolo, in the hopes of reenergizing the once stale brand. The advertisement for “the new hybrid denim” opens with the upbeat song, Drone Logic by Daniel Avery, as the video shows the versatile activities that one could partake in while wearing their “Jogg Jeans.” As the video demonstrates, you could undress, run, kiss, eat, spin, grab, sweat, drink and then undress yet again.

The star of the video is not the models, but the product itself. It seems jeans have been around forever and are rarely associated with innovation. Yet Diesel has developed a woven jersey/denim fabric to resemble the soft feel of sweatpants, and can be dyed and distressed to look like the iconic jeans we all know and love. The concept of a “new jean” is taken one step further, by infusing Coolmax moisture-wicking technology that can attract a new Diesel customer who has a more active lifestyle. The inspiration for this innovation is perhaps the popularity of athletic wear and the multitude of designers extending their brands to reach this category.

As the Diesel video comes to a close, we are left with a single word; DRESS. It seems Diesel has revived its youthful pulse with this video, alluring many customers to get dressed………or perhaps undressed!


Production Company | Partizan
Producer | Ella More O’Ferrall
Production Manager | Brett Webb
Director of Photography | Pau Castejon
Art Director | Sam Tidman
Producer | Jordan Stokes
SNR Video Commissioner | Jack Robinson
Creative Director | Graham Rounthwaite
Post | Royal Post
Editor | Mark Marlborough
Track | Daniel Avery
Music | “Drone Logic” by Daniel Avery