Diesel Joins Green Initiative With Resale Revolution


Diesel Launches Second Hand Inviting Customers To Join The Resale Revolution

Diesel announces the launch of its Second Hand project, offering a carefully curated edit of Diesel denim, each piece meticulously restored, renewed and available in selected Italian stores and online throughout Europe.

In a world of 7.9 billion people where the average person owns six pairs of jeans, buying and selling Second Hand is a creative and inspiring way to take a step towards circularity. Second Hand gives customers the opportunity to be active participants in the ‘For Responsible Living’ sustainability strategy, helping to keep Diesel products in active use for years to come.

Diesel Second Hand first entered a trial phase over the summer 2021, with buyback programs offered at selected Italian monobrand stores. At the current time, 900 pair of jeans have been collected and reconditioned giving them a second life. Parallelly to the reselling phase launch, the buyback programme will remain active in Italy.

Each restored item featured in Diesel Second Hand will display a red logo stamped across the back of the garment. For the brand, buying Second Hand is something to be celebrated and Diesel invites customers to join the resale revolution, making Second Hand as good as new.

The carbon and water footprint of the denim industry has been extensively documented. Life cycle analysis has shown it can take nearly 4000 liters of water to make a single pair of jeans. By contrast Second Hand treads lightly: each pair of jeans has been collected in Italy, carefully restored in specialist denim facilities based less than 200 miles from Diesel’s headquarters and then washed once to be sanitized. Additionally, all garments are sprayed with ‘Viraloff’ and Odor Crunch, a combined treatment featuring anti-microbial and odor-resistant properties developed by Polygiene, which allows for reduced frequency of laundering during customer use.