Diesel & Samsonite Collection 'Choose What's' Campaign by Small Agency

Diesel & Samsonite Collection

'Choose What's' Campaign by Small Agency

The collaboration between global lifestyle brand Diesel and leading travel brand Samsonite is unique and unexpected, featuring semi-transparent luggage in a thought-provoking twist on the concept of privacy (and lack-there-of). Launching with an edgy ad campaign that highlights the duality of modern existence, the film accompaniment calls into question what we choose to show the world, and functions on multiple conceptual and psychological levels.

The Samsonite x Diesel collection pieces have a solid black base, which gradually fades into transparency. Although transparent bags and backpacks have been around for some time, semi-transparent suitcases are indeed a novelty. It is tempting to critique the product itself, as the question of practicality immediately arises when confronted with the idea of revealing one’s personal belongings to the public. The Samsonite x Diesel collections’ suitcases deftly balance this concern with utilitarian features including an integrated drawstring backpack, and an external USB port for charging devices while on the move. 

These features are passed over by the ad campaign, which takes a more conceptual approach and encourages customers to “Choose What’s Public” and “Choose What’s Private”. This idea might sound daunting at first, considering we live in an age where smart phones, apps, and streaming videos are constantly vying for our attention, and “decision fatigue” has become a catch phrase amongst software designers. Yet the campaign’s film featuring the public and private lives of bikers, rockers, and drag queens illustrates this process can be an invigorating endeavor. Filmed on location in São Paulo, the ad campaign pulls in many layers of thought as described by Deisel’s Creative Director Andrea Russo:

The idea behind this collaboration and its campaign is fueled by our current era: we live in a time where the balance of what we share vs. what we keep private is constantly in flux. Inevitably, all of us live part of our lives in public—be that through social media, our work, our social groups. Yet with the rise of the digital age, awareness of privacy—data, photos, material possessions and so much more—has also increased. The design of these bags reflects the balance we all must calibrate; it allows for the world to see some of what we are, but not all of who we are.

– Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of Diesel Licenses

The intersubjective reality of influencers and ubiquitous personal branding have become integrated into our everyday lives. We must constantly choose what and how we present ourselves to the world… so why not manifest this process in the material reality of our travel bags? The Samsonite x Diesel ad campaign poses this question and more, with a play on transparency and duality that is a fitting exposition for their newest product offerings.

Diesel Creative Director | Andrea Rosso
Agency | Small Agency
Executive Creative Directors | Luca Pannese & Luca Lorenzini
Director | Raphael Dias
Cinematographer | Bruno Tiezzi
Production | SquarePixels Films
Location | São Paulo
Music | Original Music by Alessandro Cristofori & Diego Perugini (Stabbiolo Music)