Diesel x GR8

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Diesel announces a unique collaboration with GR8, a renowned contemporary fashion and streetwear concept store in Harajuku, Tokyo. The partnership links Diesel with eight exciting young designers and artists, each of whom has created a limited-edition capsule collection, all curated by GR8’s owner and head-buyer, Kubo. Each capsule also gets its own campaign imagery with art direction by the designers themselves.

The idea for this collaboration began when Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, in one of his frequent visits to Japan, attended a party in Tokyo where he met Kubo. The two hit it off, discussing the uniqueness of Tokyo’s creative circles and the eccentric vibrance of its social scene.

I have always been drawn to Tokyo and this will never change, even though the city is always changing. This new initiative between DIESEL and GR8, and Kubo’s network, shows a very modern and innovative way to ‘collaborate,’ which is a word that is now ubiquitous in fashion. When you collaborate on a niche scale, it makes the product much more rare.

— Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel

The overall capsules are based on Diesel denim, jackets, sweats, and t-shirts. All are approached from a unisex perspective. Each of the eight designers and artists have given these pieces their own unique expression. The aesthetics range widely: photography, illustration, calligraphy, and typography are all implemented.

The campaign imagery is just as eclectic and idiosyncratic. While most of them begin with a similar interdisciplinary approach, fusing photography, digital art, and collage, the final images are just as unique and impactfully out-there as the designers and brands they represent.

This is a tremendously exciting campaign as it gives us a taste of the massive disruption boiling under the surface of the fashion industry which will soon rear its head. The future of fashion probably lies in places like GR8 and figures like Kubo, figures that recognize and embrace the punk spirit and explosive creativity of those who work in couture’s shadow but for whom the category of “streetwear” is no longer freeing. Diesel is brilliant to give these artists a platform and enter the conversation themselves by inviting them to rewrite Diesel’s own aesthetic language. Everybody wins.