Dion Lee

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Dion Lee Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Alex Robertson-Dunlop with Photographer Bryan Huynh

Fernanda Ly blooms where she is planted in an awesome new campaign for Dion Lee. Exploring a beautiful yet unsettling visual world inspired by the encroaching spread of tropical plant life, the Spring 2021 campaign features creative direction from Alex Robertson-Dunlop with photography by Bryan Huynh.

With a brilliant design approach that references tropical members of the plant kingdom, particularly the trendy monstera, Lee’s Spring 2021 collection was directly inspired by the recent re-classification of New York City – where Dion Lee is based – as a humid subtropical climate due to global warming.

In addition to an intriguing artistic consideration of this very distressing piece of information, the idea also feels tuned in to the reignited love of houseplants that many of us discovered while locked down.

The new campaign further develops these themes by imagining a fantastical world overrun by tropical foliage. Blending Huynh’s photographic work with CGI art from Rodolfo Olf, the imagery is an awesome glimpse of what feels like a wider sci-fi universe. The distinction between mankind and nature, house plants and wild plants, is blurred as crumbling temple ruins are reclaimed by the unstoppable growth of ferns and palms.

Standing among it all like some sort of nature goddess or ancient warrior-gardener is Fernanda Ly. Her styling and hair are impeccably crafted to harmonize with her psychedelically lush environment, and she exudes an amazing energy of lithe confidence. She seems like a carnivorous plant brought to life.

Considering how evocative and impactful this imagery is, it feels like one thing is missing from the conversation: sustainability. There has been no word on whether the collection was created using sustainable processes and materials, which feels like a strange omission considering its urgent message of environmentalism.

In terms of style and imagination, the campaign is astounding. It also proves again that designers can use their work to send crucial, political (for environmentalism has indeed become politicized, and requires nothing short of revolution) messages and still have that work be aesthetically excellent. We hope that this revolution continues to grow.

Dion Lee Creative Director | Dion Lee
Creative Director | Alex Robertson-Dunlop
Photographer | Bryan Huynh
Model | Fernanda Ly
Stylist | Cece Liu
Hair | Jonathan De Francesco
Makeup | Marcelo Gutierrez
Casting Director | Bert Martirosyan
CGI Artist | Rodolfo Olf

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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