Dion Lee

'Water + Denim' Resort 2020 Ad Campaign

Dion Lee makes a splash with his Resort 2020 campaign.

The Australian designer and creative director is renowned for combining technically innovative and experimental construction with traditional tailoring techniques, and the new collection furthers these principles. With art direction from Alex Robertson Dunlop, the campaign uses the setting of an indoor swimming pool to explore a contrast between utilitarian hardness and aquatic softness.

Photography by Stef Mitchell investigates this tension, finding interesting ways to understand how the body fits into these relationships. Bodies emerge from the water or sink back into it; flesh and cloth meet tile and concrete. Each piece in the collection is either entirely black or white, and most of the pieces are unisex. This consistency and ambiguity allows Mitchell to make use of repetition and disruption; all of the images echo each other, but each one feels uniquely powerful.

The brilliant use of color and sensitivity to relationships of physical form make this campaign feel especially cohesive and evocative. It manages to conjure a singular emotional mood, yet the meaning of this mood remains seductively mysterious. We appreciate getting to dip our toes in.

Photographer | Stef Mitchell
Art Director | Alex Robertson Dunlop
Stylist | Matt Holmes
Hair | Mustafa Yanaz
Makeup | Olivia Barad

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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