Dion Lee X Grimes Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Dion Lee X Grimes

Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Dion Lee X Grimes Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Art Director Henry Thomas Lloyd and Photographer Bryan Huynh with Talent Grimes

Dion Lee teams up with Grimes for a mystical science-fiction campaign that brings the two collaborators’ creative worlds together. The Spring 2022 campaign also features art direction by Henry Thomas Lloyd, photography by Bruyn Huynh, and CGI art by Rodolfo Hernandez.

Drawing on the visual world developed around Grimes’ forthcoming album Book I, the campaign imagines the singer as a mythical, sci-fi heroine in an icy world of cybernetic architecture and fantastical organic landscapes. Dion Lee’s futuristic designs seamlessly blend into this imaginary and awesome world, augmenting Grimes’ persona as art-pop warrior princess.

Though it’s sure to generate a lot of talk, the one image with from-behind nudity does feel a bit unnecessary and distracting. As it most likely will be what ends up in headlines for the coverage of the campaign, it feels like the creative team didn’t have confidence in the imagery itself, which is actually very strong.

Full moon aside, the campaign is nonetheless a visual stunner and shows very smart thinking in who to collaborate with and how: one of today’s most polarizing and dynamic pop figures of today, Grimes is well known for the sense of futurism that populates her world, from fashion on red-carpet appearances to music and album art. Dion Lee is similarly futuristic and forward-thinking in his approach to design, and so the collaboration feels like it would be a match made in cyber-heaven, with the final set of imagery proving our suspicions more than correct.

Dion Lee Creative Director | Dion Lee
Art Director | Henry Thomas Lloyd
Photographer | Bryan Huynh
CGI Artist | Rodolfo Hernandez
Model | Grimes
Stylist | Cece Liu
Hair | Hannah Jordan & Oz
Casting Director | Bert Martirosyan
Tailor | Tessa Justman

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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