Dior Addict Spring 2019 Ad Campaign & Films

Dior Addict

Cara Delevingne & The Style Council Get Pretty in Pink

As we all know beauty is a mass, third-party licensed game with big bucks on the line. Design houses need the lucrative dollars thus acquiesce when the licensees retain consumer-package-goods creative agencies with experience in television and tampons. So long as the checks roll in, they will counter with dynamic fashionable campaigns of their own to balance the scales for the image losses.

Cue opportunity.

The opportunity for a nibble, tasteful, and intelligent fashion creative agency to marry the nuance of luxury fashion with the mass market world of ‘push-and-pull’ marketing. Creative Directors Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren of Paris based The Style Council have found that sweet spot as shown here in their latest campaign for Dior Addict. Granted the duo capitalized on the advantage of spending years in-house at LVMH essentially building the firm first internal agency before striking out on their own. However, on their own, they have quickly amassed a slew of tremendous clients including Michael Kors, Massimo Dutti, Ray-Ban, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Loewe.

The reasoning is on full display here in their work for Dior Addict as the piece is sharp, impactful, easy to watch, fashionable, entertaining, and dare we say a tad groundbreaking with the first fashion moment that we can recall with May-December female to female glance.

Photographer David Sims manages the still side of the equation while Director Gordon Von Steiner does all the motion. As the campaign is designed to promote ‘Pink’ beauty, the firm retained the rights ‘Pink’ by Aerosmith, using it both in its original form as well as covered by model Cara Delevingne herself. Quite well we might add. Who knew? And the song choice, Victoria Secrets should be kicking themselves. The song is the perfect choice for the series as it bridges Delevingne’s tough side and gives Choreographer Stephen Galloway a good deal to work with as Delevingne dances as if in a Flashdance scene sporting a Killing Eve tulle and combat boot look.

Delevingne is in fashionable hands and sports a few key looks and accessories from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Spring 2019 collection. Handbags find themselves subtlely hanging in groups for a flash here and gaining more fashion exposure than any consumer package agency would ever grant while jewelry gets a free ride including a pinky ring.

As Delevingne struts in a full swing skirt across an intersection at Central Park, she gives a flirtatious smile to a bypassing silver-haired woman in a black Dior pantsuit who reciprocates the flirtation back introducing fashion’s first May-December same-sex flirtation campaign moment that we can recall. Go team inclusion and again, what mass consumer agency would ever?

Sure there is the standard fare of pink color grading, dance/still combinations, and plenty of lipstick application in case we forgot what they were selling, but it is done with wonderful pacing and engaging visuals. Overall it is a perfect campaign to push-pull the product, which we thought was pretty in pink.

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Agency | The Style Council
Creative Directors | Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren
Photographer | David Sims
Film Director | Gordon Von Steiner
Model | Cara Delevingne
Hair | Duffy
Makeup | Peter Phillips
Choreographer | Stephen Galloway
Location | New York City
Music | ‘Pink’ by Aerosmith performed by Aerosmith & performed by Cara Delevingne