Dior Beauty Film with Bella Hadid by The Style Council & Cass Bird

Dior Addict | Plump & Pump Film with Bella Hadid by The Style Council

The Style Council isn’t just an 80’s offshoot of The Jam, they are quickly becoming one of fashion’s newest go-to creative agencies for brands who need to jam both beauty and fashion creative together without sacrificing one for the other.

Fresh off of art directing the latest issue of CR Fashion Book, the duo of Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren have yet again teamed with Carine Roitfeld, this time as the creative directors of the latest Dior Addict campaign. In keeping with the times, the duo wrapped the campaign in cotton candy coloring and a powerful Bella Hadid who cuts through the room line an ambulance driver (finally we get to credit that Beck lyric!). All cut to a dynamic series of well edited camera angles by director Cass Bird and layer in a powerful song choice in ‘Fashion Killa’ remixed by Mason, and you have a spot that is spot-on for the demo and worthy of actual TV airtime. (Come on Dior Beauty, this one deserves the bigger checkbook).

What impresses The Impression is how adapt the creative duo is at crossing both fashion and beauty, a challenge that many a fashion creative agency faces as the beauty sector tends to have a number of handcuffs that make it difficult to simply show an overarching mood, they love their product shots. And lets face it, beauty product shots can be a bit of a yawn. Here the duo delivered in the use of lighting, color, and mirrors to strong affect, assuring the mood was blended with the practical and giving everyone a reasons to place a check on their punch-list. Thus plump, with a pump, satisfied the punch. And hopefully all those ‘P’s will lead to a purchase.


Creative Direction | The Style Council
Director | Cass Bird
Talent | Bella Hadid
Stylist | Carine Roitfeld
Makeup | Peter Philips
Hair | Orlando Pita
Set Design | Marla Weinhoff
Music | Fashion Killa (Papapapa) [Remix EP] [feat. Stefflon Don] – Mason