Dior Cruise 2019 Fashion Show

Dior | Cruise 2019

Dior Cruise 2019 Fashion Show

Mother Nature is naturally wise and full of gifts that at first can be met with resistance until one recognize the beauty of her offering, as was the case for Dior’s most recently Cruise 2019 collection.

The setting started out straight forward enough at the Great Stables of Domaine de Chantilly, located about 30 minutes outside of Paris. The selection of the location was quite fitting as Artistic Director Maria Grazia Chiuri took inspiration for her collection from Amazons and more particularly the Escaramuzas: Mexican female riders who practice an art traditionally revered for men while fully asserting their femininity, wearing skirt and imposing hats. And for over 30 years now, the troupe of the Great Stables has been designing equestrian shows for a  devoted to the haute-école art of horse training. Toss in long standing Dior show producer Alex de Betak and Bureau Betak, and you’ve set the stage for a perfect location married with a designers vision.

And that is where Mother Nature came in, almost on cue, as the staging for the show was an exposed roofed venue with the audience under a tent canopy while the models walked exposed on a circular runway in the fresh night air full of …… rain. The result was mother natures great gift to Maria Grazia Chiuri and the house of Dior…… memory.

The show was spectacular! It was one of Maria Grazia’s strongest collections to date as she is hitting her stride for the house blending heritage and a defined point of view of modern femininity with technique and showmanship. (We have to change that word … Showfemaleship?). Either way the result was sublime, models splashing through as heavy rain added texture and a glistening skin to create a cinematic element that even Michael Mann couldn’t of planed. And he has never filmed a dry street a day in his life.

The collection speaks for itself as a hybrid of Neo-classic proportion and silhouettes, ornamental 18th century styled prints, and of course, lace, it is Chantilly after all. But we caught a bit of laser edged lace-like pieces in there too. The collection and experience was romantic, spectacular, and fresh like a heavy rain.

It would appear that Mother Nature too approves of Maria Grazia’s direction as well. They are both strong mothers after all. And The Impression thanks them both for gracing us with the most memorable show in years.

Dior Creative Director | Maria Grazia Chiuri
Production & Direction | Bureau Betak
Music | Michel Gaubert
Casting | Michelle Lee Casting
Make-up | Peter Philiops for Dior

Hair | Guido Palau
Hats | Stephen Jones
Shoes | Christian Dior
Lights| Philippe Cerceau
Video | Tender Night
Location | Domaine de Chantilly


Group Dior Photo | Estelle-Hanania