Dior Fall 2018 Fashion Show Set

Dior | Fall 2018 | The Set-Up

Maria Grazia Chiuri placed women’s empowerment at the bottom line of Dior‘s Fall 2018 collection. Accentuating the mix of women’s trousers, blazers, and denim was a patchwork of historical magazine covers wheat pasted to the runway.

Spectators watched as Chiuri’s work sojourned through the annals of the Women’s movement, physicalized by the hodgepodge of covers as they tapered toward one typographical declaration: “I Am Woman.”

Overhead, a cascade of mirrors captured and distorted the scene below, encapsulating the space as a dialectic between women past and present. As each of Chiuri’s works were multiplied by the mirrors’ gaze, they became in themselves a history – a single moment stretched across a timeline of magazine covers.