Dior Maison Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Dior Maison

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Like many iconic fashion houses, Dior has a fascinating history that reaches back many decades and is parsed out in bits and pieces, in service to the business and the brand. Though Christian Dior died at the relatively young age of 57, he was quite prolific and stories of his far-reaching creativity are still a source of inspiration today. In his later years, he facilitated a redesign of the Château de La Colle Noire, which is a breathtaking property in Southeastern France that was reappropriated by the brand in 2013. Subsequently, Dior Maison builds upon traditions that were begun by Christian Dior himself, by featuring boutique items that enhance the home and wow guests through elaborate atmospheric settings.

Around the same time Christian Dior opened his couture house in 1947, he also opened a boutique called Colifichets which translates to “Charms” in English. Showcasing items of home decor such as spice boxes, earthenware, candlesticks, garden lanterns, incense burners, vases, and frames, Colifichets became an immediate success. Truly ahead of his time, Dior was promoting the idea of “lifestyle” as a part of a brand before the concept had entered common parlance.

Living in a house which doesn’t reflect who you are is a bit like wearing someone else’s clothes.

– Christian Dior

Dior Maison continues Monsieur Dior’s fascination with “art de vivre”, which translates into English as the “art of living”. Their most recent offering was designed by Cordelia de Castellane, the Creative Director of Dior Maison since 2017. The ‘Dior Garden’ line of earthenware plates feature delicate plant motifs inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Spring 2020 ready-to-wear collection. Flowers and herbaria translate effortlessly into tableware, and it is fun to imagine a dinner party at which the hostess combines the plates with floral centerpieces and an embroidered dress from the spring collection; the efflorescent goodness would spread from body to table to flower arrangements in an explosion of visceral blossoming! The Copacabana collection is also new, featuring Brazilian-inspired motifs of starfish and seaweed and sculptural raffia placemats, perfect for entertaining at a summer house on the beach.

Dinner parties might still be some weeks away, but it is a pleasurable diversion to prepare and plan for the return of social gatherings. In the meantime, these Dior Maison collections could provide individuals, couples, and families with a fresh look for the dinner table, enhancing the experience of cooking at home and sheltering in place. As always, it is a treat to see another facet of Christian Dior’s influence play itself out, this time in the realm of home decor. May every meal served on these plates be a true embodiment of the “art de vivre”, full of love and laughter!

Dior Maison Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Dior Maison Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Dior Creative Director | Maria Grazia Chiuri
Dior Maison Creative Director | Cordelia de Castellane

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