Dior Pre-Fall 2018 Ad Campaign Jennifer Lawrence

Dior | Pre-Fall 2018 Ad Campaign Jennifer Lawrence

There is a sublime beauty that actors can cast off with the subtlest of glances. A wrinkle of the nose here and the soft stare there. More often than not actors shy away from looking directly at the camera, as if that action will shatter the forth wall and through acknowledging the point of view of audience, they will have given up something.

For Dior’s pre-fall 2018 campaign the house lead by Maria Grazia Chuiri has once again teamed with agency Baron & Baron to give props to the audience via spokesperson Jennifer Lawerence. Lensed by Brigitte Lacombe, Lawerence has been given a softness and subtle warmth that exudes confidence. It is interesting that via props, Creative Director Fabien Baron, cast Lawerence as a photographer. With camera in hand Lawerence becomes a mirror to Lacombe, thus both are fitting in the house’s narrative of female artist that are empowered.

All this left The Impression wondering, is there a feature film here that is a mash-up of American Gigolo aesthetics with Brian de Palma’s twists, lead by a female artisanal team? The soundtrack practically writes itself from the moody undertones of the campaign. And with an actor already in place, we think all that is necessary is a decent script as act 1, scene 1 is all set.

Dior Creative Director | Maria Grazia Chuiri
Agency | Baron & Baron

Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Photographer | Brigitte Lacombe
Talent | Jennifer Lawrence
Hair | Shay Ashual
Makeup | Peter Philips
Set Designer | Mary Howard