Dior | Pre-Fall 2019 Men’s Staging

Dior continues to take the art of staging to a whole new level and their recent showing in Tokyo was no exception. Following on the heel of Kim Jones debut Dior men’s showing featuring a floral sculpture by KAWS as its centerpiece, Jones centered his Pre-Fall 2019 show in Tokyo around an updated female android straight out of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

The construction process began mid-September, with the set itself taking 20 days to paint. The female robot is over 36 feet tall (11 meters) with a 3 foot (1 meter) high base, and while no ones weight deserves to be shared, we will make an exception in this case to give you a sense of scale, as she hots the scales at over 20,000 pounds (9150 kg)! To put that in perspective, the average car weighs 3,221 pounds, so she is almost the weight of 7 cars. A team of 16 people worked on installing and un-installing her onsite, and she deserves all the attention she gets.


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