Dior Releases Second Installment of the ‘Dior Stands With Women campaign’ Video Series


Coinciding with International Woman’s Day, Dior continues its ‘Dior Stands With Women campaign’, the female-led education and empowerment initiative created with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, or CTAOP. The #diorstandswithwomen #diorchinup films allow us to see and hear remarkable, new, exemplary, and inspirational stories. The campaign originally launched in the Fall of 2020, and the second installment of videos have been released today.

The first video features Chevario Swanepoel and Mokwanda Mantshintschi, two young South-Africans who have already benefitted from the CTAOP youth leaders scholarship. Proud of the results obtained by the CTAOP, Theron wanted to meet some of the young women she’s helped from the 2019 intake program. Theron introduces the girls as “determined, passionate, inspired and inspiring,” before discussing topics like their daily challenges, and how the younger generation will see their accomplishments.

Additional new videos include Israeli-born American actress, director and producer Natalie Portman; American actress, producer and activist Yara Shahidi; Chinese actress and singer Li Bingbing; American model Dilone; South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna; Iranian-French architect, designer and scenographer India Mahdavi, and Franco-Moroccan writer and journalist Leïla Slimani talking about their personal journeys and the struggles they face as women.

Inspiring and thought provoking words are found within the videos from these notable women.

Luminous and inspiring, actress Natalie Portman long time activist to a myriad of causes including women’s issues, states “Today we are living in extraordinary times where women’s voices are being uplifted now more than ever.”

Li BingBing uses her platform to ask, “Who do you really want to be.” The internationally famous Chinese star looks every woman in the the eye and asks this question.

Model Dilone asks, “Am I being authentic to myself, or am I being a product of what society wants me to be?”, while commenting on the struggles of woman, and the additional layer women of color face.

“Queen Yuna” the most commonly given nickname to figure skater Yuna Kim is aware of her position as role model. She is pleased to observe that “The influence of women is growing continually in sport, as it is in the world.”

Architect, Designer and Scenographer India Mahdavi reminds us that “Being independent does not mean being along, but being autonomous.”

Leïla Slimani, best selling author of ‘The Perfect Nanny” shares the words she’s lived her life by. “Learn to say no, and don’t aim to please”, delivered with a direct look and calm and steady voice.

CTAOP, Charlize Theron’s foundation, was created in 2007 to support a network of educational organizations working with young people in Sub-Saharan African countries, to encourage them to protect their health and reveal their potential. Alongside Theron, Dior has made a commitment to the foundations with #diorstandswithwomen #diorchinup video portraits which finance the university studies of the young people selected for the program. In partnership with UCLA center for world health, and StudyTrust this program aims to provide higher education support for the “leaders” of tomorrow, who are more often than not, young women, praised for their involvement and their complete commitment to their local communities. Complete scholarships will cover 4 years of full tuition fees, as well as accommodation, food, books, computers and travel expenses, in addition to one-to-one tutoring, and a leadership training course for about 15 students.

The House of Dior is supporting the new 2021 intake of students.