Dior’s Cruise Show Will Be Live in Lecce Italy Without Audience

Dior’s Cruise Show Will Be Live in Lecce, Italy Without Audience

Today Dior’s Creative Director of Women’s, Maria Grazia Chiuri, and the house’s CEO, Pietro Beccari, announced via a live press conference that Dior’s Cruise 2021 collection will be digitally shown in Lecce, Italy on live models without an audience on July 22nd. The move comes in response to the cancelation of the originally planned showing on May 27th due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beccari opened the conference by explaining the reasoning for the rescheduling, and live models at the Piazza del Duomo in Lecce in Italy’s Puglia region.

Dior’s Cruise Show Will Be Live in Lecce Italy Without Audience

For Maria Grazia and I, … luxury is emotions and when it comes to fashion there is nothing that carries the emotion of a real fashion show, a live performance where art is performed without a safety net.

– Pietro Beccari, CEO Dior

Beccari went on to express how for the house of Dior it is important to support fashion on a local and global scale. This Cruise collection focusses on the artisans creating the clothes and accessories, as well as the “family” showcasing the collection i.e. the production team from models to photographers. “We believe this occasion will be auspicious for the future, a good incentive to carry on with a certain optimism,” explained Beccari. In addition, Beccari shared that the collection allowed for himself and Chiuri to pay homage to their Italian roots. “The support for our country is important for both of us, (as is) the support for the Puglia region, which was so badly hit by the crisis and on the edge of bankruptcy, but with a strong will to fight.”

Chiuri, whose father hailed from the Puglia region of Italy went on to share:

Dior’s Cruise Show Will Be Live in Lecce Italy Without Audience

Something that was very important to me was conveying how much craftsmanship value there is in Puglia, and how important it is especially for younger generations to invest in this…We are a company that works with people across the world, so many people depend on our work. It’s a collective project that involves many people and I found a great sense of sisterhood and brotherhood among these people who, despite all the difficulties and this general sense of not knowing and not understanding, decided to work with me anyway.

– Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s Creative Director of Women’s

While other design houses are opting for virtual experiences taking them off calendar, Dior has adapted their standard resort show to capture the delicate balance of old and new. The town Lecce serves as the perfect model for the collection, as it illustrates animate modern life within old-world structures. The collection is also influenced by tarot cards, as loved by the founder Christian Dior himself, which were used in the mid-15th century, yet another way of looking back to tradition while moving forward.

When speaking to Dior’s future shows, Beccari suggested that the couture 2020 show in July won’t be live, as for house’s plans regarding the September Spring 2021 RTW show, “we hope to be able to have some audience, if not a full room,” Beccari said.