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DIOR celebrates their scents with the newly renovated  CHÂTEAU DE LA COLLE NOIR

Dior knows that few can resist the floral scents of a countryside garden. To capitalize upon that the house has recently opened The Château de la Colle Noir in Grasse, France, once the beloved summer home of Christian Dior, as the fashion house’s perfumery.

The 12.3 acre property decorated with vineyards and gardens galore served as the original inspiration for the Miss Dior, Eau Fraîche, Diorama, Diorissimo and Eau Sauvage fragrances. Dior renovated the home shortly before his death in 1957. In recent years, the property has been used for weddings and events, like the 2010 launch of the J’Adore L’Or fragrance. Now, almost 60 years after Christian Dior’s death, it’s home to François Demachy’s creative laboratory.

The house’s move back to Dior’s former home is a move so rooted in brand heritage that it more than makes sense. It was the property’s abundant Grasse rose, jasmine grandiflorum, domaine de manon, and clos de Callian that inspired some of the original Dior fragrances, and it’s likely that the house seeks to again draw inspiration there.

A video released by Dior explains that this move is “to fulfill Christian Dior’s dream to build a house surrounded by flowers, Dior flowers for Dior fragrances.” It’s an event that’s both magically poetic and strategic in a brand sense. It reminds people of the house’s past and development, as well as the Founder himself, his passions, and genius. Aside from being where future fragrances are to be developed, brand events and media exposure are surely inevitable. In this case, moving home was definitely the right choice and certainly a fragrant one.