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Dior Lands on South Korean Soil with New ‘House of Dior’


Following the Tokyo Fall/Winter 2015 re-show, Dior is at it again and on our fashion radars once more – this time marking their territory quite fabulously with their new, first ever free-standing, ‘House of Dior.’

The six-story ‘House of Dior’ is located in Seoul, South Korea at massive shopping and entertainment paradise, Cheongdam. The ‘House of Dior’ will be alongside other fan-favorite establishments such as Vera Wang, Cartier, and of course, the ever popular K-Pop studios.

With monster fashion houses right around the corner, the Seoul House of Dior will surely become a very large attraction…very literally, as it is Dior’s largest flagship in Asia.

The store is very tactfully scheduled to open this weekend, timing up perfectly with the brand’s first ‘Esprit Dior’ exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on Saturday – the third international showcase of its kind featuring Dior collaborations with local Korean artists.

Take a step inside the Seoul ‘House of Dior’ below.