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Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne’s DKNY  SPRING CAMPAIGN Goes Back To Go Forth

BY KENNETH RICHARD |  The Impressionist

It is a new day for the house of DKNY and first campaign from Creative Directors Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne set a more focused and directional tone for the house.

The campaign is a bit of a throwback, with references to the house’s mid-90’s era of campaigns lensed by Peter Lindbergh, shot on the streets of the city whose name is woven into the brand. While one could make an argument that Lindbergh’s work had a rawness and intensity that captured the edgy vibe of New York City more, one could also make the argument that today’s streets of New York don’t have that same intensity of yesteryear, thus, the campaign is fitting of the times.

The campaign is cleaned up not unlike the city too with less attention to the streets and more of a statement of who and what the brand is about. The brand clearly has up-aged. Gone are the gangs of New York. Rather than group shots there is a more refined and adult look projected by model Adrienne Juliger, who carries the campaign shot by Lachlan Bailey.

To bring the clothing into focus, the campaign blends the streets with the simplicity of a concrete studio, leaving the viewer with a clear understanding of product offering. The boldness of the brand is reflected in the scaling of the logo, which clearly looks to drive home a singular message, that of DKNY being strong and powerful for today’s woman.

Turning the direction of a ship the size of DKNY will take time, an openness to listen to the community they target, and consistency not simply in the message but in how long the message is voiced. Setting a new direction for the ship still requires the time to get there. The Impression is looking forward to watching DKNY’s new journey, back to their roots.

dkny-spring-summer-2016-campaign3 dkny-spring-summer-2016-campaign4 dkny-spring-summer-2016-campaign2 dkny-spring-summer-2016-campaign1

DKNY Creative Directors |  Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne
Photographer | Lachlan Bailey
Model | Adrienne Juliger
Stylist | Tony Irvine
Hair | Rudi Lewis
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo