Dries Van Noten Launches Misha Kahn Exhibit/Collaboration

Kahn and Van Noten Reflect On The Surreal Year Of Covid

Dries Van Noten has teamed with American designer and sculptor, Misha Kahn, to exhibit his new work at The Little House, 451 N. La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Titled “Watermelon Party,” the exhibition includes a domestic setting featuring Kahn’s VR-created Claymation furniture. Table lamps in a diverse range of materials, from auto-painted resin to ceramic, will also be on view. Kahn is known for his disheveled pieces that incorporate refuse and found objects in his furniture and lighting designs. 

Moreover, Dries Van Noten and Misha Kahn have collaborated on a limited-edition printed silk bomber jacket and t-shirt. The garments, designed by Van Noten, were influenced by Kahn’s unique imagination.  

In my scatterbrained, depressed stupor of a year, this watermelon party suggested purpose. It gave a bunch of random people, grouped together by proximity, an antidote to isolation. In a way, that’s what I’m always striving for in my work: an irreverent, all-ages serving of mystery with a big spoonful of why. In my practice, I’m constantly throwing around new materials and processes, forever looking for a binding force, something to explain the why of it all to the outside world. And maybe it’s simpler than I thought. Maybe it’s just a watermelon party two Tuesdays from now.

– Misha Kahn

The name title, ‘Watermelon Party,’ reflects Kahn’s take on last year curiosity. A few months into quarantine, from his parents’ house in Duluth, Minnesota, their neighbors invited his family over for a watermelon party. For weeks leading up to the event, starved for socialization, they were fixated in their speculation on what might happen at the watermelon party.

While the curiosities and devastations of the past year are not over, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, and Kahn’s collaboration with Van Noten is a prime example of the reflection that each of us will have to do.

The exhibition will run from now until May 6th.

Exhibition Photos | Charles White

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