Dunhill | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Dunhill takes us window shopping in its latest Fall 2018 ad campaign, titled “Reflections.”

The man behind the camera, Jack Webb, captures French model Clement Chabernaud from the interior of glass-fronted buildings as he walks along the streets of London’s Mayfair peeking inside store windows and at his own reflection, which becomes a visual metaphor for the house’s multifaceted approach, one toward luxury fashion, masculinity, and a British house that both respects tradition and adapts to modern culture.

“The idea of the dunhill man is multiple, not singular. And in turn, so is the idea of Britishness,” said Creative Director Mark Weston. “There is not a single way we approach style here. There is not a single way of being British, there are many; there is classicism and tradition as well as an idea of the contemporary and shifting. In many ways, the campaign is about literally showing these different perspectives at once.”

Here’s to hoping Chabernaud makes it past the window and into the store.


Dunhill Creative Director | Mark Weston
Photographer | Jack Webb
Model | Clement Chabernaud
Grooming | Matt Mulhall
Casting Director | Leila Ananna