Dunhill Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Photos


Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Dunhill has made an interesting run of it of late with Creative Director Mark Weston leaning back into the houses heritage while simultaneously pushing the idea of the brand forward.

Recently the house leveraged the archives for a series of Dunhill historical artisanal images for a capsule collection in tandem with Japanese artist Kenta Cobayashi, and a series of historical films released on the label’s own social channels.

For fall 2020 Weston would have you believe that historical references were once again at the forefront of the designers thinking and may very well have been for the collection itself.

Dunhill Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

I am fascinated with The Blitz club, particularly Homer Sykes’ pictures of it. It was a place of freedom and individuality, a mix of cultures: performers, the establishment and art. We don’t seem to have that now, that collision. And the collision is important.

– Mark Weston, Creative Director

A solid reference point as Covent Garden’s, London based Blitz Club was at the forefront of the merger between punk and new wave and a leading influencer of the ‘New Romantics’ at the start of the 1980s.

However, talking and walking are two different things as the campaign itself falls flat of the reference points offering little more than a series of backstage images from the fall runway.

The man in this collection is a cross between the preppy and the new wave, the establishment and the anti-establishment – it is not about making purely singular characters. Instead, it is about taking all those elements and putting them together, reconstructing and recontextualising.

– Mark Weston, Creative Director

The Impression begs to ask where are the reconstruction and recontextualising of the Blitz Club references within the campaign itself? If it was a matter of budgeting and the need to leverage backstage imagery, then perhaps art directing the campaign in a reconstructive manner with graphics, layout, and coloring could have leaned it toward the reference point of Homer Sykes’ images of The Blitz club’s heyday. As it stands the campaign’s concept versus the execution are at odds with each other and we look forward to the team at Dunhill walking the walk rather than talking the talk.

Dunhill Creative Director | Mark Weston
Models | Aleksander, Lawrence, Daan & Paavo