Dunhill Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Festive 2020 Ad campaign

Review of Dunhill Festive 2020 Ad Campaign by Creative Directors Johanna Bonnevier & Peter Ainsworth, Photographer Carlijn Jacobs with Babacar N’doye, Stas Zienkiewicz, & Hidetatsu Takeuchi & a few of man’s best friends

Dunhill‘s speciality is bespoke menswear, and what could be more manly than the age-old archetype of a boy and his dog?

In lesser hands, the idea could easily have devolved into folksy nostalgia, like Old Yeller or those Weimaraner photos by William Wegman. However, Creative Director Johanna Bonnevier and Photographer Carlijn Jacobs have cleverly combined the concept of “man’s best friend” with the holidays, to deliver an ad campaign that has a tight color palette, poker-faced models, and dogs that look as stylish as their temporary handlers.

Stripping the images of sentiment, and sticking to black & white with a few primary colors modernizes the campaign without sacrificing any of the cuteness.

After all, who could resist Sal the Great Dane peeking into that black leather Dunhill bag, or Theo the Toy Poodle sandwiched between a pair of designer kicks? For extra furry fun check out the video, which includes Ark the Afghan Hound having a Beyoncé-inspired moment, with a fan placed just out of view to blow his luxurious yellow mane as he mugs for the camera.

Dunhill Creative Director Mark Weston adds a personal touch to the campaign with a short message about how it all came about, as follows:

Dunhill Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Spending more time at home recently and as a dog owner myself, I wanted our festive campaign to portray that bond. It’s authentic and brings positivity to the everyday.

– Mark Weston, Dunhill Creative Director

Dunhill has a knack for modernizing old tropes, like men and their cars (…in the Spring 2020 ad campaign) and the brand’s own vintage advertisements (from the Spring 2020 Collaboration With Kenta Cobayashi); they successfully mine their company’s rich history and make it feel fresh. They’ve done it again with this Festive 2020 campaign, so take note, and don’t forget to give your favorite dog a bone this holiday season.

Dunhill Creative Director | Mark Weston
Creative Directors | Johanna Bonnevier & Peter Ainsworth
Photographer | Carlijn Jacobs
Director of Photography | Tristan Chenais
Models | Babacar N’doye, Stas Zienkiewicz, & Hidetatsu Takeuchi 
Hair | Sarah Jo Palmer
Dogs | Sal the Great Dane, Ark the Afghan Hound, & Theo the Toy Poodle