Eckhaus Latta Opens ‘Possessed’ Exhibit at the Whitney Museum
Photo | Thomas McCarty

Eckhaus Latta | Opens ‘Possessed’ Exhibit at the Whitney Museum

Eckhaus Latta this week opened its first solo exhibition Eckhaus Latta: Possessed at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The new exhibit, which is the first fashion-related exhibit to open at the museum since The Warhol Look: Glamour, Style, Fashion from 21 years ago, examines desire and consumption as a shopper, seller, and spectator.

Possessed is split into three interactive zones including an entrance with alluring, iconic fashion advertisements, a retail location where visitors can try on and buy clothes and accessories made for the exhibit, and a surveillance area where visitors can watch live footage from the exhibit and footage from the Eckhaus Latta Los Angeles store and from retailers that carry the label’s clothing. 

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, the New York and Los Angeles-based design duo and founders of Eckhaus Latta, quickly gained popularity for their designs and projects for the label that walk the line between fashion and contemporary art. Possessed takes the attention away from the clothes, or wearable art, to focus on the art of consumption, with a streamlined version of the shopping experience. What appears to be a social shopping experience at first is revealed as more of a social experiment. 

Eckhaus and Latta partnered with over 20 friends, mentors and family members to make Possessed a reality. Everything from the collection available at the exhibit, the ads, clothing racks, display shelves and dressing rooms are made in collaboration with artists, including photographer Charlotte Wales, art director Eric Wrenn, stylist Avena Venus Gallagher, and hair and makeup artists Shingo and Kanako Takase whom all collaborated with the label on alluring advertisements at the exhibit’s entrance.

Eckhaus Latta: Possessed is on view through October 8, 2018 at the Whitney Museum of American Art’s John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Gallery.Eckhaus Latta Opens ‘Possessed’ Exhibit at the Whitney Museum

Eckhaus Latta Opens ‘Possessed’ Exhibit at the Whitney MuseumPhotos | Thomas McCarty