Eckhaus Latta Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Eckhaus Latta

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Eckhaus Latta Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Eric Wrenn & Photographer Talia Chetrit

Known for – among other things – the often unconventional casting choices of their campaigns, Eckhaus Latta continues to make bold choices on this front: the house’s new Spring 2021 campaign stars pre-teens. Photographer Talia Chetrit captures cousins Ever and Liam, with whom she has worked frequently in the past, at her home in upstate New York.

The imagery feels uniquely open and intimate. The energy that Ever and Liam bring is completely unaffected and natural; their eyes attest to both the free-spiritedness and circumspection of the constant transition that is growing up. The styling is youthfully eclectic, with fun real-life touches like kids’ Adidas or SpongeBob socks peeking through. There is also an aspect of celebration for the youngest generation’s openness to gender fluidity and non-binary self-expression.

We have always been curious about how the clothes can be interpreted and positioned through numerous identities. In the past we have worked with children to varying degrees but have never made them the centerpiece of a project. The complicated space of early pubescence is something we have yet to touch upon. It’s such a vulnerable time in one’s life and we have always been very interested in the power of that along with how it is a literal transformative moment in one’s life.

– Mike Eckhaus

From a traditional fashion ad campaign perspective, the choice to cast children is rather strange. Most campaigns succeed by showing us someone who we want to be, or want to be like. Nobody in their right mind wants to deal with the awkwardness and anxiety of being about to start puberty again.

Instead, the creative team has a much deeper goal in mind. That we are able to reach across the years and connect with these kids opens us up to that same vulnerability. We recognize the universality of this feeling of uncertainty and transition and see a sensitive and uplifting depiction of moments on life’s journey.

It is quite rare for a work to have this kind of life-affirming effect, and we are thankful and proud that Eckhaus Latta has taken the creative risk and accomplished it so beautifully.

Eckhaus Latta Creative Director | Mike Eckhaus & Zoe Latta
Agency | Eric Wrenn Office
Creative Director | Eric Wrenn
Photographer | Talia Chetrit
Models | Ever and Liam
Stylist | Matt Holmes
Location | Upstate New York