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Emilio Pucci Writes a Love Letter to Sneakers and the Cities of the World


Emilio Pucci released a tribute to cosmopolitan luxury sportswear in the form of their new “Sneakers of the World” collection. The limited edition collection features 11 different vibrant colorways of their iconic slip-on sneakers with each style being inspired by one of the most popular cities in the world. The collection includes exclusive color combinations for cities from London, New York and Hong Kong to Rome and Pucci’s home city of Florence with the name of each city embroidered on the back of their respective shoes. Examples are a bright tropical colorway for Miami, dynamic blocking for Milan and radiant hues for Seoul.

The new collection is accompanied by a brief fashion film showcasing the sneakers with a backdrop of some of the most famous landmarks of a few of the featured cities. The video follows a model decked out in a variety of Emilio Pucci looks with each style matching the respective sneaker she is wearing as she peruses a variety of famous landmarks, while showing off the new collection of sneakers in a simple but effective little movie. The film is shot with a grainy lo-fi aesthetic that gives it an old school 70’s feel and uses lots of low angle shots, which provide a perfect angle to highlight the colorful shoes and outfit combinations. Overall “Sneakers of the World” is a vibrant love letter to the grandest cities of our planet and its pieces are a wonderful addition to the collection of any world traveler.