Etro Fall 2019 Ad Campaign By Cass Bird and Macs Iotti


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign By Cass Bird and Macs Iotti

In 2018, Etro celebrated its 50th anniversary. As a family run company, Etro continues to ground itself in history and in the practice of legacy. Their fall 2019 ad campaign embodies what it means to celebrate fashion and the legacy of fashion making. 

Art Director Macs Iotti along with photographer Cass Bird has teamed up with Etro to paint a portrait of a rich and dynamic family, through film. With a cast of 9, not including the majestic white horse, the campaign shows the family stepping into Manhattan, clad in paisley prints. They stand photographed in front of paisley trunks, proud and united. This family is diverse and includes characters of diverse age and race. Etro makes it clear that this is a family that is “united like a dynasty under the sign of the paisley.” Where did they come from? Where are they going? 

There is power in shared heritage and in legacy. Families are often imperative in how we identify with who and what came before us, and how we choose to move forward. It is not clear how Etro’s family came to be. However, the message of the campaign is clear. The Etro family is firm in their history, they are firm in each other, and their future is hopeful. Could this fashion campaign be a political statement? 

Etro Fall 2019 Ad Campaign By Cass Bird and Macs Iotti

Etro Women’s Creative Director | Veronica Etro
Creative Director | Macs Iotti
Photographer | Cass Bird
Talents | Marisa Berenson, Amber Valletta, Andreea Diaconu, David Alexander Flinn, Grace Elizabeth, Hiandra Martinez, John Pearson, Kohei Takabatake, Taylor Hill
Stylist | George Cortina
Hair | Esther Langham
Makeup | Romy Soleimani
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro
Location | Manhattan