Ruffles and Bows

Fall 2020 Trend

Ruffles and bows are in this season, with designers exploring the many incarnations and long history of the frilly collar ornamentations. From their renaissance origins to unclassifiably contemporary incarnations, they appear in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, like a menagerie of lacy jellyfish in a beautiful aquarium of fashion. Who knew there were so many ways to dress a neck?

Celine leans into the 70’s rock and roll heritage of ruffles and bows for a sophisticatedly psychedelic look. Ellie Saab and Christopher John Rogers blow it up. MSGN deconstructs it. Undercover combines elements of renaissance fashion with a seductively modern aesthetic to create an absolutely spellbinding trio of looks, all tied up with a big beautiful bow.

Louis Vuitton