Farfetch Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


"The Perfect Match" 2021 Global Brand Campaign

Review of Farfetch 2021 Global Brand Ad Campaign by Director and Photographer Frank Lebon with Huang Jingyu, Chloe Wise, Tamu McPherson, Antwuan Sargent, Pam Nasr, and Tsunain

How can a massive online retailer connect with people in the same way as a storied fashion house or a beloved brick-and-mortar boutique? It can seem difficult for a brand that functions as a platform for connections between creator and consumer to create its image in a way that will have fans coming back again and again. A new campaign from Farfetch finds an innovative solution to this problem that smartly plays into the platform’s unique strengths.

The campaign was created remotely by director and photographer Frank Lebon, who brilliantly taps into the idea of distance, and the power that online spaces have to bridge that distance. His films and photographs tell the stories of actual boutiques and customers – each an exciting and genuine creative talent in their own right – from around the world who connect through Farfetch.

With smart and playful art direction, each film uses a split-screen technique to simultaneously follow the narratives of the people on either end of the exchange: Chloe Wise, for example, an artist living in New York City, orders a bag from iconic Milanese boutique 10 Corso Como. As the excitement of the connection builds, the film bends time and space, uniting seller and customer, until the moment the bag finally lands in her hands.

Farfetch operates a unique business around a very clear proposition: connecting the world’s best fashion boutiques and stores to a global audience. Our boutique community is at the heart of Farfetch and this campaign gives our platform over to them, putting them front and centre of our message and our media in a very simple way. People want to connect to something real and discover something new. The campaign is very true to who we are and what we do, and I think that’s very important today. 

— Ronojoy Dam, Brand and Culture Director, Farfetch

Conceptually, the campaign is a brilliant way to illustrate the power of global connectivity for fashion communities embodied in the Farfetch platform. Lebon and his exciting cast of creative talents do excellent work to visually communicate all the possibility and excitement offered by this process.

Farfetch Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

Director | Frank Lebon
Photographer | Frank Lebon
Stylist | Max Pearmain
Talent | Huang Jingyu, Chloe Wise, Tamu McPherson, Antwuan Sargent, Pam Nasr, and Tsunain
Locations | New York, London, Beijing and Dubai