Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Edward Quarmby & Colin Dodgson

Stussy gets Jurassic this season featuring perhaps the best campaign prop of the season, a mini rex.

While many houses leverage props, few manage to build entire campaign narratives that are fresh and upbeat with them. Art Director Edward Quarmby is someone we would like to see let loose like a raptor on several design houses who feel a celebrity on white seamless is enough to move the needle. Photographer Colin Dodgson, who is known for his analogue approach, is perfectly suited to capture the sunlit, boarder-wall-like empty parking lot.

Dodgson and Quarmby show real animal instincts and some Jurassic thinking. The Impression can’t wait to see them let loose to roam and roar.

Creative Director | Edward Quarmby
Photographer | Colin Dodgson
Stylist | Tom Guinness