Feit Opens First West US Store in San Francisco


Opens First West US Store in San Francisco

Feit, the American label that specializes in handmade footwear, has opened its newest store at 406 Jackson Street in San Francisco, the first from the label to open in the western US.

The 860-square-foot retail location retains the aesthetics and smart interior design of its brother stores in New York City’s Nolita and West Village neighborhoods. JMDS founder Jordana Maisie designed the San Francisco store interior installation entitled, Service & Supply, with a focus on the display and storage, and the seating and service one would receive in store.

Feit Opens First West US Store in San Francisco

Maisie, who designed both Feit stores and the Wardrobe.NYC SoHo store, installed a mirror to split the space and mirrored surfaces for modern appeal, concrete flooring and linear lighting for an industrial feel, and naturally finished baltic birch plywood, which is now a signature of the brand’s stores.

The intricacies of the interior design complement Feit’s offering that includes handsewn shoes, trainers, slip-ons, hiking boots and high-heeled boots. Tull Price founded the footwear label in 2004 after having studied traditional manufacturing techniques in Europe for 10 years, and the result is meaningful limited products sold at branded retail locations that feature well thought out and smartly planned interiors that best maximize a space’s square footage.

Feit currently operates three stores in the US, a retail location in Sydney, Australia and an online shop that ships internationally.

Photos | Carlos Chavarría