Fendi/Fila - How Artist Hey Reilly created a logo mashup that went from Virtual to Real in Fendimania

Fendimania | How Artist ‘Hey Reilly’ created a logo mashup that went from Virtual to Real

For the past five years now artist Hey Reilly has been ‘brandalising’ some of the world biggest label, creating original artwork with modern spins on everything from Disney to McDonald’s and sharing with the world on his Instagram handle @Hey_Reilly .

Fortunately for us, fashion too was great artistic food for his fodder and since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Reilly has worked his pop-graphic style and disruptive humor on everything from from Calvin Klein to Prada. Creating mock ad campaigns starting Lord Vader for Louis Vuitton and casting the Supremes in Supreme ads.

Fortunately for us his uncanny flair caught the attention of Silvia Fendi a few years ago who reached out the the artist to collaborate on the houses men’s and women’s fall collections for 2018, including using an early concept of Reilly’s, a FENDI/FILA logo mashup which soon found it’s way on the houses iconic logo bags.

Hey Reilly’s Graphics on Fendi’s Fall 2018 Men’s & Women’s Collections


Today Fendi helped the mashup to jump the rails into the real world as they launched a full, blown out collection of the FENDI/FILA collection entitled Fendimania that is every bit as exciting as the original concept that Hey Reilly proposed.

The still images by Cass Bird are great, the video by Tyler Kohlhoff, even better. But we here at The Impression are SO in love with this collection because of the thinking. How smart it is for the house of Fendi to get behind an artist and help them bring their exciting vision to life creating a win-win for everyone. The program downages the brand, registers with it’s core audience while grabbing a whole new one, plays well in the virtual world social and looks in the real one. And is a Cinderella story that Disney should make even Disney jealous. Hats off to Silvia Fendi for her openness to newness and introducing Hey Reilly to Karl Lagerfeld and her team, a mashup that even Hey Reilly couldn’t of dreamed of.

Fendi Creative Director | Silvia Venturini Fendi
Photographer | Cass Bird
Director of Photography |  Tyler Kohlhoff
Models |  Adwoa Aboah, Dilone , Oumie Jammeh, Paloma Elsesser, & Zhengyang Zhang
Stylists | Charlotte Stockdale, Katie Lyall
Hair | Ward Stegerhoek
Makeup | Romy Soleimani