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There’s A New Queen In Fendi’s “Girl’s Secret” Fashion Film


Following Fendi’s Marie Antoinette inspired spring collection, Fendi has released their first fashion film, “Girl’s Secret.” Filmed by up-and-coming movie director Rebecca Zlotowski, the scene captured Actress Sigrid Bouaziz, who just starred in “Personal Shopper” along side Kristen Stewart, and her group of friends on a girl’s night out in the streets of Paris.

The film begins with Bouaziz making plans for the night in her claw foot tub, and moves to her being dressed for the night by her squad, as they head out for the night. Bouaziz and her girl squad hop into a black SUV followed by their royal motorcade, through the bright lights of Paris during their carefree night out. The girls enjoy games of pool and bowling, filled with numerous selfies. It is no “secret” that everyone would want to roll with them.

The neon bar lights and detailed Paris architecture complemented each other as the perfect backdrop for the film. Fendi reminds us that what was once old is new again with their ultra-modern Marie Antoinette inspired designs, complemented by the detailed Paris atmosphere. Their first fashion film brings more life to the brand and draws their target market in further. Expanding from Snapchat and Instagram, Fendi brings more fantasy to the brand, leaving the audience running to schedule their next girls night out with Queen B.



Agency | Al Dente Paris
Creative Director | Patrizio Miceli
Director | Rebecca Zlotowski

Models | Sigrid Bouaziz, Ella Richards, Maja Salamon, Tugba Sunguroglu, Bianca O’Brien, Raph, Louise Grinberg, & Marilyn Lima
Stylist | Camille Bidault Waddington
Set Design | Hervé Sauvage
Hair |  Alexandry Costa
Makeup | Sarai Fiszel
Soundtrack |” Las Aves” – N.E.M.