Fendi Taps Iris Law for new “Peekaboo

Fendi Taps Iris Law for new “Peekaboo” Bag Campaign

In a move to blend the old with the new, 19-year-old supermodel Iris Law has been tapped as the fresh face of Fendi’s iconic “Peekaboo” bag in the brand’s latest campaign. The classic design, which first hit runways in 2008, is getting a revamp with the latest drop of photographs and film, capturing the young model and daughter of actor Jude Law and actress and producer Sadie Frost.

Shot in an informal style, meant to mimic the quality of an early 2000’s videocamera, the casual short film shows off Law’s fun-loving personality, and allows her to have her own voice within the campaign. While the images themselves aren’t overly produced or visually arresting, they compliment the video well. The entire campaign depends on a young face sporting timeless styles, which Fendi pulls off successfully, thus freshening up the classic designs.

The campaign doesn’t take itself too seriously, something we applaud. Sometimes brands get caught up with the chic and the sleek, but when the campaign is centered around a teenager, it’s important to incorporate a feeling of fun and youthfulness. Law is allowed to be herself, making it all the better.

Most importantly, she appeals to an entirely new audience. Clearly, the 95-year-old Italian luxury brand is looking to expand their horizons, as featuring a 19-year-old is a bold choice, but, in this case, it really works in their favor. The future of fashion lies in the hands of ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Z,’ and with Iris Law on the cusp of the two generations, she is the perfect person to usher the iconic fashion house into the next era.

Fendi Taps Iris Law for new “Peekaboo