Fendi | Unstoppable Women talk Peekaboo Bag

Fendi’s #MeandMyPeekaboo is an exploratory film campaign that informs of the craftsmanship and legacy attributed to the Fendi Peekaboo bag. Honoring a ten-year anniversary, Delfina Delettrez and Leonetta Lucinana Fendi, daughters to inherent creative director Silvia Venuturini Fendi gather to speak of their mother’s devotion and accomplishment in creating this iconic handbag.

Collectively they share: “The Peekaboo bag is versatile, precious, simple, mysterious, complex, and timeless.” Through their conversation we experience a vision of fashion coming to life. The camera captures and follows the heritage of the Fendi House from the posture of a mother daughter relationship.

The interview style campaign carries a fantastical vision, presented by glorious sights of the grand headquarters in Rome juxtaposed with product shots that magnify the brilliance of this handbag design. In the video the audience experience Silvia at work. Conversations with the design team over fashion illustration and leather swabs becomes the reward: an accessory of fashion “precious as a piece of jewelry because it can be passed on to generations,” her daughter and jewelry designer, Delfina explains.

With great celebration this Fendi campaign acknowledges a female’s vision. In a time where women are rising as movers and shakers across industries, honor is given to whom honor is due. Fendi’s Unstoppable Woman is a mother, creative director and fashion icon, inspiring the next generation of females through fashion design. In different styles, sizes and occasion her Peekaboo handbag is fit for every woman. The influence of this transparent film invites inclusivity, leaving all the surprises to the handbag.

Talent | Silvia Venuturini Fendi , Delfina Delettrez,  Leonetta Lucinana Fendi