Fendi X Chaos Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
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Fendi X Chaos

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Fendi celebrates its collaboration with Chaos with an exhilarating new campaign. Created by photographer and director Yvan Fabing, the film deploys brilliant camerawork and editing to create a vertigo-inducing sense of motion.

Chaos was created by the styling duo of Charlotte Stockdale and Katey Lyall. The pair worked at Fendi alongside Karl Lagerfeld and continue to work at the house under the leadership of Silvia Venturini Fendi. Thus, the collaboration is already a perfect fit, as the two brands have much creative history together. 

The collection is built upon a love of vintage elegance: vintage cigarette cases, gold-covered lighters, and evening clutches were the main source of inspiration. But these codes are updated for modern technology, so that the pieces transform a smartphone, smart watch, or wireless earbuds into jewel-like accessories. Each of the tailor-made cases are designed as an interconnected system to clip onto the season’s Fendi waist belts, zipper chain lanyards from the collaboration, or any Fendi handbag.

What excites us most about the release is its campaign; Fabing created a short film that uses brilliant editing to create an incredible sense of movement. He uses a curved, wide-angle lens to get as much depth as possible from the interior studio space. He positions this camera at unexpected angles and swirls it all around his models, creating an exhilarating sense of 360º motion. These shots are stitched together seamlessly to make this dynamic motion feel continuous and unrelenting. Combined with the excellent styling from Chaos, the film feels like a perfect fusion of elegance and avant-garde.

Fendi X Chaos Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
Fendi X Chaos Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
Fendi X Chaos Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Fendi Creative Director | Silvia Venturini Fendi
Photographer | Yvan Fabing
Model | Yasmin Wijnaldum, Natalia Montero, & Monia
Stylist | Chaos: Katie Lyall & Charlotte Stockdale