Fenty 'Release 6-20' Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


'Release 6-20' 2020 Ad Campaign

Fenty inaugurates a three-part series to be released across the month of June with a colorful new campaign.

The series seeks to celebrate the irrepressible creativity, hope and spirit of youth. Inspired by decades of youth aesthetics and styles that emerged during periods of steep social change, each part of the month-long release celebrates a different facet of youth, expressed through varied style cues. This release fuses thigh-high hems, psychedelic prints and 90’s subculture references, from baggy rave silhouettes and tie dye prints to grunge hoodies and form-fitting asymmetric dresses. With creative direction from Jahleel Weaver and featuring a diverse young cast, the campaign is composed of both film and photography elements.

Directed by Julien Pujol, the video feels like an unearthed VHS tape from an alternate past. Spiraling camerawork and colorful tape decay effects combine for a psychedelically surreal sense of hypnagogia. Lo-fi 90’s vibes abound.

Photographs by Lea Colombo echo these visual motifs and their feeling of colorful punk. Watercolor-like film manipulation weaves its way between chromatic images of expressive young people clad in flowing hues and fabrics.

While the campaign does not explicitly call attention to its celebrating Pride month, the connection is undeniable. With its rainbow of color, visible inclusivity, and celebration of the beauty in youthful rebellion, it feels positively supportive of Pride’s message of love, freedom, and acceptance.

Fenty Creative Director | Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Creative Director | Jahleel Weaver
Photographer | Lea Colombo
Video | Julien Pujol
Models | Assa Baradji, Amrit, Coucou Chloe, Mao Xin, Lillian, and Daniel G
Hair | Louis Ghewy
Makeup | Christine Corbel