Ferragamo | Launches The Studio Bag with Ana Kras

There is a fine art to a launch, especially one from a house as classic as Salvatore Ferragamo, whose roots were planted in two worlds, communication and craftsmanship.

While many know of Ferragamo’s integrity of make, what is a less known is that the artisan was drawn to the global capital of communication, Hollywood, in 1919. Opening his own little studio to make custom-made shoes to the stars. Current Creative Director Paul Andrew took inspiration in the founders journey to launch his first handbag for the house, aptly named ‘The Ferragamo Studio Bag.’

The craftsmanship speaks for itself, but the communication is as thoughtful as a studio production. Drawing from the idea of studios being spaces to design, photograph, and explore the depths of creation, Andrew cast a real artist as the starlet for the narrative, Ana Kras.

Kras is an internationally known multimedia artist with model good looks whose work includes her 2017 book of photographs ‘Ikebana Albums’ and her textile works, ‘Peana,’ shown at the United Art Fair in Miami’s Art Basel.

In the film and Instagram campaign Kras is shown in a studio finding inspiration to create after being in touch with The Ferragamo Studio Bag. The narrative isn’t fussy, the message is clear, and the tone sophisticated. What impresses us is what isn’t there. There is no big blown up blast of an idea that isn’t aligned with the DNA of the house. The bag itself isn’t overly flashy or lost in the narrative. And the creative messaging fits with both the name of the launched product and the idea of it being artisanal.

Andrew set out to climb a mountain by inventing an instant classic as his first handbag for the house. His approach to the climb is so straightforward and on point, that we think it brave. Because sometimes being a great artist is knowing what to stand behind, and where your roots are planted.

Salvatore Ferragamo Creative Director | Paul Andrew
Talent/Artist | Ana Kras