FitFlop Fall 2018 Ad Campaign with Uma Thurman

FitFlop | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Periodically a campaign comes our way that places too much focus on ‘who’ than ‘what.’ Often this is a byproduct of challenges that come with teaming with celebrity talent. First, those talents typically draw all of the production cost into their fees, leaving little to work with, plus those celebrity talents have busy schedules, making time with them limited and difficult to concept big ideas around.

However, in our field poverty should breed creativity and time constraints are a fact of life. So it is with touch of concern about the lack of ‘what’ that we view the the latest campaign from the house of FitFlop starting Uma Thurman. The campaign, lensed by Steve Hiett with creative direction from Matt Brooke, feels as if it was done with a limited amount of time.

Not too say that when dealing with a house such as FitFlop, a label built around a biomechanically engineered sandal founded eleven years ago by Marcia Kilgo, that the production value requires an expensive and elevated concept. However, it does require a concept. Perhaps one similar to a playful concepts like those developed by Annie Leibovitz which take the talents personal journey into account, or that of Tim Walker that simply creates an environment for the actor to play a role. Which is especially true here as Uma Thurman is an actors actor. And while the press release speaks to “The campaign features a sneak peek of Uma rehearsing lines for her most recent project, the new Netflix show, Chambers.”, the end result shouldn’t be that of the audience watching a talent reading a script.


Creative Director | Matt Brooke
Photographer | Steve Hiett
Model | Uma Thurman
Stylist | Heathermary Jackson
Location | Spring Studios NYC