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Fleur du Mal Spring 2018 Ad Campaign

For their fresh Spring 2018 campaign, Fleur du Mal crafted a visually excellent series of tasteful prints that artistically co-join the modern style of digital photography with that of vintage polaroids. Not only is the campaign thoughtfully bold and provoking, it is unique and sophisticated.

In this modern era of fashion, there seems to be an absence of stellar key principles utilized so often in the age before digital. One of the most prominent being the vintage Polaroid camera. Fleur du Mal incorporated the timeless style of vintage photography into the digital age through the co-joint photography of Jake Rosenberg and Remy Lagrange. Lagrange’s key looks were shot using a “Big Shot”— a vintage Polaroid camera that uses only deadstock film and flashbulbs. The excellence of such a camera dates back to the time of Andy Warhol, who used it to shoot his famous polaroids.

When asked her motives behind shooting a campaign in such a vintage, as well as difficult to come by manner, Creative Director Jennifer Zuccarini responded emphasizing, “I’ve always loved shooting with Polaroid cameras. I used to take a Polaroid of everyone that visited our studio when we started Fleur du Mal. It was exciting to work with Remy on our Spring shoot since we hadn’t used a Big Shot on set in the past, it’s such an iconic camera and format. It really makes everyone look fantastic.”

In collaborating with Rosenberg, who was using a digital camera, we asked Lagrange about the approach he took to establish a sense of unification in the campaign. He replied, “We had quite a shot list to capture, but the shoot quickly became very comfortable and seamless. Although we had different camera gear, ideas, and ways of working, we had common ground in trying to capture an energy in the photos that complimented the set design, floral theme, and Jennifer’s creative direction for the campaign.”

As Lagrange emphasizes, “There is an indescribable rawness to a Polaroid shot. A big open door for beautiful mistakes to come rushing through…The Big Shot was created for the sole purpose of shooting headshot-style portraits, so while extremely limiting, that same limitation provides a challenge and inspiration for new ways to photograph. In this campaign, loosely stitching the photos together helped break the image out of the standard, singular four-sided frame.”

One of the underlying themes seen throughout the prints is the delicate idea of the “tasteful virgin.” Models display imagery of brightly colored flowers positioned sensually on their bodies, underlying the intimate, yet artisan nature of the brand. Aside from being used in digital advertising on social media platforms, the polaroid images are set to be die-cut and arranged into fifteen 6 ft. tall layouts, which will be dispersed throughout Lower Manhattan, via wild posters. Picture perfect.




Photographers | Jake Rosenberg (digital) & Remy Lagrange (Polaroid Big Shot)
Models | Jordan Moon & Frances Coombe
Stylist | Hester Hodde
Hair | Joey George
Makeup | Akiko Owada
Location | The 1896 Studios and Stages