Folk Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Freedom of expression; freedom to be yourself completely and unapologetically. That was the message of the Black Mountain College in the 40s and 50s, and that is the message luxury fashion house Folk is hoping to continue with their latest campaign telling the story of the unique art school deep in the mountains of North Carolina.

Creative Director and photographer Jethro Marshall, with the help of his agency JJMarshall associates, is behind the ingenious campaign, and we applaud him for a job well done. The entire collection honors the artistic playground that was Black Mountain College, using serenity and aesthetic value to portray the essence of free-spiritedness that surrounded the artists who studied there and the legacy they left behind.

The short film depicts a scenic setting, celebrating nature and allowing the designs to blend with the rustic surroundings. The joyful music put behind the film cultivates a warm feeling in any viewer, as it completes the worry-free atmosphere present in the short video. Following in the footsteps of the collaborative and unrestricted learning experience of the college itself, Marshall defies the rules, going beyond just a fashion campaign. He allows the clothing to complement the natural world, and vice versa.

The photographs add their own uniqueness to the campaign, as each presents a different perspective yet continues the trend of simplistic, nature-filled, artistry. It’s clear that so much care was taken in making the entire collection appear care-free. This could be bothersome, but it works to the brand’s advantage in this case, as the care was necessary to accurately capture the ideals and artistic tactics of Black Mountain College.

Black Mountain College, though only in operation for a short period, created a wave in modern art. They began a movement of creative freedom, and through this campaign, Folk is honoring their story, continuing their message, and shaping a future in fashion that allows for these same ideals to take hold.

Folk Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Folk Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Agency | JJMarshall Associates
Creative Director | Jethro Marshall
Photographer/Director | Jethro Marshall
Models | Lukas & Jeanne
Hair & Makeup | Antigone Ilivieratou
DOPs – Jamie Harding & Josh Homer
Post Production | Josh Homer & Dan Moran
Production | JJMarshall Associates
Assistant | Leonis Germas
Music | Jungle Math by Lord of the Isle
Location | Athens, Greece