Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Robert Vattilana & Sølve Sundsbø

The primary goal of art direction is the ability to draw the eye, and capture an individuals attention within a sea of clutter. The very best art directors can successfully hold that gaze, and entice audiences to spend their precious time watching, lost in an ephemeral gossamer fantasy. Art director Robert Vattilana and photographer Sølve Sundsbø achieve these goals and more, with “Incanto” – a new Forte_Forte advertising campaign for fall 2019 that seamlessly blends digital art with the art of fashion.

Rather than run away from technology, which can be cold and impersonal, forte_forte embraces it through 3-D digital imagery that is supple and supremely organic. Using the simple device of a split screen, they elevate dresses of iridescent lurex and sensuous floral-prints through a video pairing that evokes fine art and femininity. To the left is a willowy model, enveloped in billowing fabric that twists and swirls in tantalizing slow-motion. To the right is a curiosity that at first glance appears to be splashes of white gesso… which quickly reveals itself to be liquid leaves, petals, pistils and stamens. The digital lilies and bleached sunflowers move in tandem with forte_forte’s voluptuous, sinuous fabrics in an eye-catching juxtaposition.

What makes this ad campaign particularly compelling is the artisanal approach to video technology. It calls to mind a philosophical question: when artificial intelligence has been fully realized, will robots dream? If so, it is easy to imagine they would envision these floral mixes of fluidity and plasticity as they slumber. Furthermore, despite their novelty the digital imagery does not detract from the beauty of the clothing, which is so expertly photographed the viewer’s attention is held captive by its soothing, mesmerizing folds.

“Incanto” is like a visual poem, meditative and entrancing. The ad campaign’s short films entice the viewer into an alternate reality. They go willingly, giving up their time like an offering – and in this day and age, it is time that is the greatest of luxuries.

Creative Director | Robert Vattilana 
Photographer/Director | Sølve Sundsbø
Model | Elena Sudakova
Stylist | Elisabetta Massari
Hair | Laurent Philippine
Makeup | Sam Bryant
Music | Adam Langston