Frame | One-track Mind with Diana Silvers

In a effortless, playful and understated campaign Frame captures the heart of downtown New York.  At 51 Greene Street, the address of the Frame New York store and the setting of this recent campaign titled A One-track Mind for Frame the audience meets Diana Silvers as she plays a rendition of Vogue’s 73 Questions with a frame of mind focuses on the denim brand.

Although a tried and true Los Angeles label, the film creates an approachable introduction to the brand, its trendy style and cool aesthetic, captured by Beau Sam’s directorial work, to promote the brand’s shop in New York City.

Get to know the girl in the Canadian Jumpsuit and discover the brand. In a silly yet witty, congenial yet trendy manner to share meaning behind a quintessential relationship between the girl and her denim. Answering questions like “ What’s your favorite book?” with reply:  Frame by Frame” and “ are you dating anyone?” in a similar fashion: “Yeah I’ve been dating my boyfriend jeans for a while. His name is Frame.” The campaign repeats its message with fun and social personal engagement. As well as layering in subtitles to augment the reinforce the message which is just smart marketing by founders Erik Torstensson & Jens Grede.

Brand founder and industry connoisseur Erik Torstensson elaborates, “Working alongside director Beau Sam, we created multiple short films to support the launch our retail locations. Diana Silvers was the perfect fit to bring this fun little project to life. We had previously worked with her on our SS17 presentation whilst she was studying acting at NYU. She very much embodies the Frame girl, with an effortless seventies aesthetic and vibrant energy.

The Frame girl is the girl next door, your best friend, sharing with you her favorite book, film and denim fit: Frame, winsome responses in the campaign video that connects the laid-back Los Angeles brand to a trendy New York crowd.

Frame Creative Directors | Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson
Director | Beau Sam
Model | Diana Silvers