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French Wink opens a holiday pop up in SoHo, offering fashion, food and beauty products from French brands.


What does a French lifestyle feel like? Is it cliché or nuanced? Romantic or gritty? For all those that are curious or can’t quite put their finger on it, French Wink is prepared to help. The omnichannel marketing platform and purveyor of ‘Made in France’ products opened on Monday its latest pop up shop in New York City at 25 Greene Street in New York City, offering fashion, beauty, accessories, décor and food from French brands and companies.

The SoHo pop up marks as French Wink’s first ever pop up location to present traditional and innovative French brands in one space. The weeklong holiday pop up is more experiential than past pop ups, boasting VR screenings, free beauty makeovers, a bespoke fashion bar and complimentary personalized jewelry, and brands such as Saint James, Emma & Chloé, and Bon Bon Lingerie among others.

All of the brands that are available at the pop up can also be found online on the French Wink e-shop, which launched over the weekend.

“France has more to offer than berets and baguettes. By shopping at the French Wink pop up store, you get a glimpse of what France does best,” said co-founder Claire Obry. “Items range from posters from the last imagery house in the world, knives made from 18th century craftsmanship or Calais lace tattoos worn by Swarovski models at their latest show. You can put a bit of France under your Christmas tree.”

Co-founded by Obry and Myline Descamps in 2015, French Wink hosts pop up shops throughout New York City, as well as an online e-shop. Through French Wink, brands from Paris, Marseilles, Lyon and other French cities can enter the US market without leaving the country and also adapt to the competitive market.

“There really is a traditional knowhow and a new one that will become famous,” said Myline. “We’ve decided to help the brands to access the US market first and maybe later other continents.”

According to the New York City-based French expats, American consumers shop French boutiques and labels more than any other tourist group. They added that American consumers that have stopped into past French Wink pop up shops in Midtown by the Museum of Modern Art and Nolita felt like they were transported to France.

The interior of the holiday pop up is no different, featuring stickers on the wall to “create a France feeling and a welcoming atmosphere in SoHo.” In addition to the stickers, overhead chandeliers illuminate the space that feature white columns that delineate the food, beauty, and customization sections, and also hearken to French architecture. The pop up is also nearby popular French businesses such as Ladurée, Dominique Ansel Bakery, and local establishments like Bistro Les Amis, Vin Et Fleurs, and Cocotte.

French Wink is the place to be if you miss or haven’t been to a French city, and this week’s pop up will surely help you better understand the French lifestyle.


25 Greene Street
New York, NY 10013

December 11th-17th 2017
Sun.-Mon. 11am – 6pm
Tues.-Sat. 11am – 8pm