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Furla introduces more The Furla Society characters for the Spring 2018 season


The Furla Society is a fantastical yet familiar fictional world where handbags come to life as real and relatable women. The Bologna-based accessories company introduced the series for the Holiday 2018 season and extends the campaign in support of the Spring 2018 season.

Where we last left off, six women, each with their own distinct personalities, had small talk with a bartender while sipping their favorite cocktails. The banter allowed for the audience to get acquainted with each patroness and also get an idea of what six Furla handbags would look like and behave as real women.

This season, The Furla Society introduces six additional women and their favorite handbags, as well as two men’s bags that are new for the concept.

The first woman in the series, Ducale the Duchess, is a regal woman, who looks like a descendant of Cleopatra or Nefertiti. The voiceover explains that Ducale never dresses down, as she sits on a throne adorned in gold. The Furla Ducale cross body handbag shares some characteristics with her, such as the royal blue color and gold accents and hardware.

The six films and stills by Wednesday London, Andrew Rothschild and Stas May will debut on the Furla website, as well as Facebook, Instagram and WeChat.




Agency | Wednesday London
Director | Andrew Rothschild
Photographer | Stas Mar
Stylist | Beth Fenton