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The Gabrielle Handbag Rocks out with rapper, G-Dragon in latest Short Film Installment


South Korean superstar G-Dragon stars in Chanel’s latest and presumably final installment of the Gabrielle campaign. G-Dragon has been a long time Chanel ambassador, having just performed at Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé opening in Seoul. Seeing another collaboration with the artist was highly anticipated.

Gearing up for a show in Macau, the rapper takes us behind the scenes of his world tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E. The video opens with him being in a meditative state, prior to heading off to the venue. The breaks between scenes shows him already enjoying a successful show. As you’re watching him visualizing his success, alongside in the journey is his Gabrielle bag. The bag seems to have no limits, gender or lifestyle wise.

Both Chanel and G-Dragon himself have a huge impact on Asia. The rapper has not only become a music icon for his millions of fans, but also fashion inspiration across the boards. His influence as part of one of the most successful boy groups to date, is nothing to look over; as is Chanel’s influence as a fashion empire. The versatile and classic brand paired with an iconic creative like G-Dragon, was a powerful move.